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Arakkuparamba is a village in Malappuram district in the state of Kerala, India.

Arakkuparamba was once famous for mining iron ore. Iron ore mined from Arakkuparamba was converted into iron plates and rods at neighbouring Aliparamba. Ore melting technology was known to the ancient inhabitants. Ayirumada (or iron ore mining places) can still be seen there.

Arakkuparamba was under the control of Chera Kings and was under the Nedunganad Principality. The Samoothiri of Calicut defeated Nedungadis of Nedunganad and brought this place under their control.

Remnants of ancient temples are seen at different places. With the help of local people, these temples are being renovated.

Cultural Importance

Arakkuparamba village is having cultural and importance from “Pandava” age. It connect to Arakkillam. In early ages there are 42 landlord families were there and after the Arakkillam fire left 2 families Karuthedam and Moothedam. Many people migrated from Travancore and few families migrated from Northern Malabar to this area in the recent past.

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