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It’s truly GREAT

The ancient science of extending a proper remedy, a perfect cure for the various maladies of the living organisms of all kinds, using simple plants, plant parts, natural substances, by imposing some simple disciplinary measures, is really great. My forefathers were really great. The reverent array of my Gurus, who directed my life, directly or indirectly were absolutely great.
They shed light on my path.

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ChiefPhysicianTo be frank I, Dr.Sreejith Namboodiri, started studying seriously after passing out from the Ayurveda College. I learned many things from the prescribed text books of Ayurveda. The teachers of the college and the system of education there, of course, was really useful in tickling the physician in me. Actually, when I passed out from the college with a licence to treat I became aware of how little I knew about the body, mind, its various maladies and methods of cure. I knew I knew nothing about it.

I spent long years in search of a Guru. I observed my grandfather constantly. The way he arrived at a decision concerning the complex matters of everyday life inspired me. Even then I was not satisfied.
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