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Key principles of Ayurveda revolve around the idea that health and well-being depend on a delicate balance between the body, mind, and soul. It views each person as a unique individual with a distinct constitution, known as the dosha, which is determined by the three fundamental energies or forces: Vata (air and space), Pitta (fire and water), and Kapha (earth and water).

Welcome to Aryadatham, your sanctuary of Ayurveda excellence in Kerala, India. Our distinguished team comprises Ayurveda Doctors, Nurses, Therapists, and dedicated Non-medical staff, all passionately guided by our esteemed founder, Dr. Sreejith.

With a remarkable decade of experience, we have been committed to empowering people to reclaim their health and vitality from various ailments and health concerns. Our deep-rooted understanding of Ayurveda treatises, combined with our expertise in caring for patients from western countries, has earned us an esteemed reputation as one of the leading Ayurveda centers in the region.

At Aryadatham, we embrace every individual with a warm and homely atmosphere, providing a haven for rejuvenation and relief from suffering. Whether you seek to prevent or cure diseases through natural healing methods, our doors are open to all who value the holistic principles of Ayurveda.

Join us on this transformative journey towards a healthier and more balanced life. Step into the nurturing embrace of Ayurveda, where ancient wisdom meets modern care, and let Aryadatham be your trusted partner in achieving overall well-being.

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Solve Your Problem with The Power of Nature

Ayurveda has gained popularity worldwide as an alternative and complementary system of medicine. It is important to note that Ayurvedic treatments should be administered by qualified and experienced practitioners who have a deep understanding of the principles and methods.

Dr Sreejith

In a world where healthcare often leans towards modern approaches, there exists a beacon of ancient wisdom and holistic healing – Dr. Sreejith, a distinguished Ayurvedic practitioner who embodies the essence of wellness through the lens of Ayurveda. With a profound understanding of this traditional Indian system of medicine, Dr. Sreejith has dedicated their life to unraveling the secrets of optimal health and well-being.

Dr. Sreejith stands as a true advocate of Ayurveda, with an impressive educational background and a wealth of practical experience. Armed with a BAMS in Ayurvedic Medicine and a lineage of traditional knowledge passed down through generations, He has honed their skills in diagnosing, treating, and preventing ailments using natural remedies and personalized holistic approaches.

What truly sets Dr. Sreejith apart is their innate ability to blend age-old wisdom with modern scientific advancements. This allows them to offer patients a comprehensive healthcare experience that considers not only physical symptoms but also the intricate connections between mind, body, and soul. His consultations are more than just medical examinations; they are a journey towards rediscovering balance and harmony in one’s life.

With a compassionate demeanor and a genuine commitment to their patients’ well-being, Dr. Sreejith creates an environment of trust and comfort. He take the time to listen, understand, and customize treatments that address individual needs, making every patient feel seen and valued.

Dr. Sreejith’s accomplishments extend beyond clinical practice. He conducted seminars on Ayurvedic principles, spreading awareness and empowering others to take charge of their health naturally.

In a world that often rushes towards quick fixes, Dr. Sreejith stands as a reassuring reminder of the timeless wisdom that Ayurveda offers. His holistic approach, profound knowledge, and compassionate care make them a true healer in every sense of the word. For those seeking a path to wellness that transcends the limitations of modern medicine, Dr. Sreejith is a guiding light, leading the way towards a life of vitality, balance, and lasting well-being.

Dr Sreejith


Ayurveda is an ancient holistic system of medicine that originated in India. It focuses on promoting balance and harmony in the body, mind, and soul.






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