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Weight Reduction

Body weight, it goes without saying, should be maintained at its optimal level. An excess is undesirable and on the other hand a deficit can be dangerous. A lean or slender bod; neither a body with expressive muscles and sinews, nor a fat and bulky nature can be considered as healthy.

Ayurveda has a different concept about body weight. We may or may not reckon the Body Mass Index (BMI) as important. There are many aspects in accordance with the physical size, racial characters, occupational nature, and routines of life, ambitions and aspirations of life, age, sex, geographical factors, to be considered important when you arrive at a decision on the healthy level of body weight of a person.

We don’t keep much store in the institutionalised and academic principles of Ayurveda, taught in colleges; we have strong faith in the authentic principles and styles of this ancient science as practiced and verbally transferred by an unending array of erudite Gurus of our unique tradition.

Our methods are effective even in juvenile obesity. Anti-obesity treatments at Aryadatham are part of the anti-ageing therapy. You have to book your place prior to the commencement of your plan of undergoing a treatment.