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Stress Reduction

Health of the mind is equally important if not more than the physical health. Mind is the abode of thoughts, sankalpa and vikalpa to be precise. Every action of the living beings has a causal thought basis. All actions are initiated after these causal thoughts. So if the action is to be right and acceptable the thought that lies at the causal part of the action should be right. So mind is to be kept at optimal health all the time. Ayurveda has a repertoire of knowledge about the various methods of life to ensure perfect mental health.

Stress is a response of our mind to a stimulus which disturbs our mental of physical equilibrium. It is a part of and is precipitated by activities of our everyday life. An upsurge of hormones like adrenaline or cortisones are there inside the body in response to a disturbing thought induced into the mind by an undesirable happening or unexpected happening. Under normal levels it’s healthy but is dangerous if not in control.

So we have to balance it down. At Aryadatham we have a perfectly tuned way of addressing all forms of stress and associated mental and physical problems. Stress management is most safe, if it follows the methods of Ayurveda and more so if it’s done at Aryadatham.