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Age of a person can be assessed in many ways, based on different parameters. There are three different methods of age assessment, mainly. If the parameter you accept to assess the age of a person is time, which is by calculating the time elapsed after his birth, it’s called chronological ageand is expressed in years.

On an elapse of one year, i.e. 364.25 days he will be reckoned to be one year old. It goes on like that.

Age can be assessed on the basis of physical appearance and health of the organs. Hair colour, skin tone, countenance, complexion, undisturbed trait, tone of metabolic activities, speech peculiarities health of the sensual organs etc., are observed and age of an individual is assessed on the basis of these. This age is called Physiological age.Physiological age is more important than the chronological age of a person.

The mental fitness is another important aspect. The thought of a person, his desires, his demands, intellectual calibre, his level of contentment in the available provisions of life, emotional intelligence etc. can be the basis of assessment of a person’s age. The age thus expressed in years is his psychological age or mental age. The psychological age is more important than the other two.

In Ayurveda, there is a comprehensive system of treatment, so peculiar that very few people in the world have undergone it, which clearly interferes with the aging process of a person. Both the physiological and psychological age of an individual can be brought down to an acceptable level at any chronological age. It’s a complex treatment method, comprising of medicinal intake, balanced lifestyles, seclusion, meditation, abstention, yoga, and a systematised convalescence period. A man 70 years of chronological age can be brought down to 35 years of physiological age with associated psychological youth. Intellectual maturity also can be attained through this treatment.

That is the specialty of Ayurveda rejuvenation therapy. If you are not prepared for the full course of this Aryadatham rejuvenation treatment you can begin it with convenient version of the treatment which also provides, almost all the benefits of the full-fledged course.

At Aryadatham you can accept and undergo a suitable regiment of anti-ageing treatment with all its glory, for assured results.

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