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Dermatological diseases or skin problems are not life threatening most of the time. But it becomes a life-long nuisance. Irritation, itching, scally skin, cosmetic problems, associated mental disturbances associated with most skin conditions necessitate prompt medical attention. Many skin infections are highly contagious. So there is a social stigma attached to all skin conditions including leucoderma, tinea infections or the common white patches.

Treatment most of the time are prolonged for longer time. So the costs involved, presence of untoward effects, drug interactions with other medicines of food stuffs etc. are causes for concern.

Ayurveda on the other hand offers a safe and sure shot remedy for many skin conditions. Even for chronic skin conditions called psoriasis or other such eczematous dermatitis Ayurveda treatments are the treatment of choice. It’s absolutely safe most of the time and cost-effective.

Aryadatham makes use of the age old method practiced by the Guru of their chief physician. He has inherited it from his forefathers’ hereditary acumen.