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Chief Physician speaks

To be frank I started studying seriously after passing out from the Ayurveda College. I learned many things from the prescribed text books of Ayurveda. The teachers of the college and the system of education there, of course, was really useful in tickling the physician in me.

Actually, when I passed out from the college with a licence to treat I became aware of how little I knew about the body, mind, its various maladies and methods of cure. I knew I knew nothing about it.

I spent long years in search of a Guru. I observed my grandfather constantly. The way he arrived at a decision concerning the complex matters of everyday life inspired me. Even then I was not satisfied.

I needed a person to really teach me the charismatic diagnosing sense; instil in me the real knowledge of finding the disease and deciding the medicine for an afflicted soul.

I kept on searching, approached many renowned Bhishagwaras of the land. All these endeavours was helpful in imparting some knowledge to me, but not what I actually sought. The experience I had from each of those eminent persons was useful to me. But I was not satisfied. I continued my search.

At last, I met a simple ordinary man engaged in a peculiar medical practice which was a style he inherited from his forefathers. He was so simple that he talked whatever he felt in his mind openly. He was not interested even in making a livelihood out of his everyday work, nothing to say about a name, niche or social position. Often it seemed to me, that he was a person who has resigned out from the mainstream society. Truth alone was god to him.

His approach to each patient was entirely different. The relation that existed between a person who came to him seeking a remedy and himself was something beyond my imagination. There were no pretentions. Both of them sank into a world where there were two of them only; nobody else, nothing else. There were many occasions in my life to believe the charismatic diagnosing and healing powers are there with some blessed souls.

I stayed with him not as a scholar but as a servant. I patiently waited for the moments when the intricacies of human body, its functioning, its responses to many ingested substances, the causes and remedial measures for many ailments etc. were spontaneously revealed to me. On such moments I felt a cold shudder down my spine. It happened through many episodes of paroxysmal revelation.

On each such event, a tremor crossed through my brain. I knew I was learning. That light leads me now.