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Aryadatham is a classic styled Ayurveda treatment centre. Aryadatham is unique in many ways. The use of herbs as such, its fresh sap and juices, and a lot of such ancient Ayurveda practices followed here as specified in the old test books of Ayurveda and as advocated by ancient Gurus of this healing science are actually unique. The cure it can provide also is unique.

Aryadatham, to us, is not a simple treatment centre. We consider Aryadatham as an individual like us; incarnated as a complete living being, with flesh, blood, bones, head, mind and Atma, the inner quintessential spirit. What flow through its veins are concern, care and sheer acumen that flowed down from our revered Guru.

The purpose of this incarnation, as you know every living being came to earth with a solemn purpose, is to heal; provide solace to the ailing minds, console aching souls, heal mortified bruises, alleviate all pains and ensure a happily contented life. Let everyone on earth be happy.

All of us at Aryadatham believe that this institution has a soul of its own. And all our souls with the solemn purpose of providing proper relief to suffering living beings are integrated totally with the soul of Aryadatham. We are one, we are in total unison, we are given to the noble aim of curing and caring ailing men.

This came to us as a legacy of the noble soul who appeared before me in this life as Guru. He taught everything. Or it’s not wrong if I say he works and does his purpose through my hands.

Let all of you be blessed with a robust body and an agile mind.