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Anti Ageing

The modern science is running madly after this property of many medicinal substances and medical procedures. Scientists have studied the subject using cells of yeast to human beings. The emerging branch of science called genetics of longevity or aging believes that longevity is promoted through a manipulation of the mechanism of metabolism and the resistance to oxidative stress.

The methods followed in the ancient science of Ayurveda is entirely different from the methods followed in modern science. Those methods never interfere with the genetic code or sequencing patterns directly. But the methods followed are proven by practice and trials on generations of human beings running through several centuries.

Aryadatham implements these as part of their rejuvenation therapy. Along with anti-ageing benefits the therapy builds up natural immunity and mental well-being. Before undergoing any treatment you are being assessed for ensuring how suitable a candidate are you for these methods.

You can rest assured you will only be getting the right and authentic treatments here.